We provide thoughtful and personalized advice on the problems life throws at you. 


What do I get? How Much Does it Cost?

200 words of personalized wisdom based on the information you provide us.  The cost is $30.

Are there any type of questions you don’t answer?

We will decline requests that we cannot fulfill.  Don’t ask us legal or medical questions.  We are not investment advisors either.

How many situations/topics/problems can I ask about?

Each submission should be about 1 topic/situation.   The details and and background are limited to 200 words.  Obviously our response will depend on the information you provide us.

Our  response will consists of a single 250 word response via email.  There will be no follow up correspondence

Is there any follow up correspondence?


We will avoid any follow up correspondence

Can I depend on your advice?  Are there any guarantees, warrantees, etc?


Like anything you get from the internet, you should take our advice with a grain of salt.  We do not guarantee or take responsibility for anything that happens from taking our advice

Use our advice as an interesting and unique perspective.

Will my information be kept confidential?


Your name and info will be kept confidential.

How long will it take you to respond?

Typically 1-2 days.  This might take longer depending on the complexity of your submission