Fake resume preventing career advancement


I've been working as an IT contractor for a company for six months. They are offering me a full time position. The resume they hired me on was almost totally false, instead of 2 years experience I had none.  My degree, education and skills were accurate. I would love to work for this company full time, however they're a financial institution and will check my employment history and background during the full time contract process.  What are some good options?


You lied on your resume and you got some good work experience out of it. And you haven’t gotten caught!  You’ve faked it until you made it.

Getting caught with a fake qualifications on your resume has some consequences.  If caught by your current employer and you are fired for it, its more difficult to find a job at another company (your new employer will want to know why you left your previous job and potentially follow up with past supervisors).  If you advance up the corporate ladder, having a false resume could exclude you from advancing or get your fired from your position.  Imagine if word got out that a financial institution had hired people with fake resumes.  If would be horrible for business.

Ethics aside and practically speaking, I would continue working on a contract until you have more work experience.  In the mean time apply for jobs at other companies with an accurate version of your resume. The key here is that you are continuing to learn and gain valuable experience and collecting a pay cheque.  You are also using this time to explore other options. You will likely have to pass up on working full time for your current employer and wait until something else comes up though. 

Another potential way around this is to change your resume to reflect your real experience. Only include your 6 months of work experience with your current company.  Submit this new resume to the people doing the employment history and background check.   If asked about the differences in resume experiences, ask to be considered based on the experience in your new resume.  Tell them you choose not to include previous experiences in your resumes.  This is a more risky endeavour.  If questioned hard your lies might be exposed, and you might have to come clean.